Daily Journal of Commerce

DJC_patentThis invention relates to bridges and more particularly to a bridge construction for use in road building in wetlands and stream crossings, where ecological importance recognizes that natural ecological importance recognizes that natural stream bottoms are essential for preservation of fish and other aquatic wildlife.

This invention provides a short-span bridge construction for small streams and the like that is formed of standardized deck sections and a supporting assembly of a plurality of interconnected standardized pier blocks.

It is the principal objective of its invention to provide a bridge construction that overcomes the disadvantages and limitations of prior bridge constructions. Other objectives of the invention include a bridge construction which is capable of assembly with conventional light cranes or excavation type equipment; the deck plates are provided with means for securing their longitudinal abutting edges together against relative vertical displacement; includes pier blocks capable of being secured together in an outwardly angled arrangement for diverting upstream water toward the center of the stream; the deck plates and pier blocks are constructed of reinforced concrete in standardized sizes providing for convenient and economical manufacture and inventory control.