Guard Rail

  • Galvanized Structural Inserts in Concrete to accept Steel posts
  • Galvanized Steel Posts Mountable to Structural Inserts.
  • Complete Guardrail Systems with level 1 or 2 crash ratings


  • Can Cast Conduits through bridge deck at casting.


  • Galvanized or Painted Steel Handrail
  • Wood Handrail
  • Custom Designed Handrail


the PacBridge as a Metal-Plate Low Profile Arch Culvert Alternative

  • No minimum cover means No Road Bed Elevation Change

the PacBridge as a Precast Box Culvert Alternative

  • Three Sided Modular nature means that the natural streambed can be used and not the smooth bottom of a concrete culvert

the PacBridge Features

  • AASHTO LRFD HL93, HS20/25, U80, or L90
  • Guard Rails with Crash Ratings 1 & 2
  • Emergency Culvert Washout Replacement
  • Multi-lane
  • Can manufacture our bridges on a skew to fit your site applications
  • Bridges can be designed on a single plane or dual planed sloped to fit your site applications